Improv Classes with OTH

At Only the Human, we believe that good improv comedy is mostly about being a good person. When we trust one another, listen closely, and play recklessly we can become the best version of ourselves on and off stage.

Improv classes aren’t just for funny people. We’ve taught improv to hundreds of people— plumbers, human resource consultants, geologists, town planners, electricians, and much more. We’ve helped people collaborate better, speak more confidently and get out of their comfort zone.

Our improv classes offer personal skills, professional skills and funny skills all wrapped up in one.

Take a free improv class on the 9th of October.
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Our improv philosophy

We take pride in being a social impact driven organisation using long-form improvisation to build community and teach useful skills. Here’s how we do it:

  1. We focus on fun first. Getting out of your comfort zone with a group of strangers can be challenging. Our term-based classes focus on creating a laugh-filled space where everyone can enjoy improv.

  2. We value diversity and inclusion. We strive to create a safe space where people can explore comedy without fear of oppression or discrimination. Women, people of colour, non-binary, disabled and other folk are highly encouraged to take our classes.

  3. Our classes are outcomes focused. Each class is focused on teaching specific outcomes, useful on and off the stage. We teach skills such as trust, vulnerability, active listening and radical support - skills useful in laughter and in life.

  4. We offer a cohort experience. Improvisation demands trust and closeness, so we work to create a community cohort with our term-based classes. Each term culminates in a live performance with your newly-formed troupe.

  5. We support you after graduation. Once you’ve graduated from a term-based class, we provide opportunities to stay engaged through performances and rehearsals.

Still unsure? Take a free improv class on the 9th of October.
Registrations through Eventbrite.


Any questions? E-mail or call us on 0423 835 226.

OTH Performs at Colosoul, July 2018

OTH Performs at Colosoul, July 2018