• North Perth Town Hall (map)

Improv Labs is a place to experiment, try new forms and play with new people.

Each week, we'll run new and experimental exercises intended to push your improv boundaries.

For our first two weeks of 2019, we'll be playing with long-form narrative improvisation. How do we create compelling stories and build believable characters? We'll see how we can avoid going to crazy town - keeping our narratives focused and tight so the audience can focus on the characters.

This workshop will draw heavily on exercises from the Racing Minds masterclass, however, you don't need to have attended the class to get a lot out of this jam.

This workshop is open to anyone who has completed some basic improv training - a term-based introductory course or equivalent is recommended. We won't be policing this or anything, so eager beavers who feel confident are welcome & encouraged to sign up.

Cost & Ticketing

Improv Labs uses a "pay what you feel," model. We recommend $10. We're not fancy, so please bring cash as we don't have EFTPOS.

No tickets, just turn up.


As Improv Labs is an open workshop, safety and inclusion are paramount to ensuring that the session is fun for everyone who wants to be involved. Each week we've got a few basic rules for improvisers joining us:

  • Racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive behaviour won't be tolerated. We encourage all participants to discuss, raise and critique behaviour and choices they find problematic.

  • Please respect the coach and commit fully to the exercises.

  • OTH reserves the right to ask attendees to leave the workshop for any reason.