Improv Labs is a place to experiment, try new forms and play with new people.

Each week, we'll run new and experimental exercises intended to push your improv boundaries.

In this second week, we'll be playing with "the genre of real life." By playing with foibles and fables as old as time, we'll find ways to recreate the great human dramas of our lives on the improv stage. We'll consider what the role of improv is in our fractured times - when "reality" for some means colonising Mars and "reality" for others means a corporate dystopia.

This workshop is open to anyone who has completed some basic improv training - a term-based introductory course or equivalent is recommended. We won't be policing this or anything, so eager beavers who feel confident are welcome & encouraged to sign up.

This is a Pay What You Feel event. Sign-up through Facebook or Eventbrite.