• Lazy Susan's Comedy Den (map)


This intensive workshop takes the best bits from comedic improvisation and applies them to the art of public speaking.

Improvisation requires us to be in the moment, be relaxed, and draw authentically from our own experience - the same skills that make a warm and engaging public speaker. We’ll run through exercises focusing on three key themes:

  1. Have fun - We’ll practice the skill of non-judgement with games and exercises that strip away our need to have our speaking be “just right.”

  2. Speak from your experience - Vulnerability builds empathy and engages audiences. We’ll get used to talking about ourselves in the safe environment of the workshop.

  3. Connect your experience to what matters - Using a campaigning technique called “The Personal Narrative,” we’ll learn how to bridge improvisational skills to the key causes and issues you care about.

This is a small group class intended for people with no improvisation experience or for improvisers who wish to connect their existing skills to public speaking. The course will benefit anyone who wants to get a little better at thinking and responding on their feet - whether it’s holding the attention of an auditorium or being able to confidently navigate an interview.

If you have been working on a particular speech or idea, you are welcome and encouraged to bring your notes.

Places are strictly capped in order to keep the class small and focused.


When: 10:00am - 1:00pm, Saturday the 3rd of November.
Where: Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den, Upstairs at The Brisbane Hotel


The course will be facilitated by Aden Date, Director of Only the Human, graduate of the iO Theatre and Annoyance Theatres in Chicago, and longtime performer with The Big Hoo-Haa! Aden is also a recovering management consultant and has acted as Master of Ceremonies for national and international conferences.