Level 2: Advanced Improv


Level 2: Advanced Improv


Learn Improv that goes the distance!


About these classes:

It’s time to learn improv which goes the distance.

Building on the skills learned in Level 1, you’ll learn the skills needed for compelling long-form improvisation. You’ll learn how characterisation, emotional choices, and reactions create compelling on-stage relationships. You’ll discover how to find patterns and play games which surprise, delight and impress audiences. You’ll learn once again that improv skills are life skills and how empathy, connection and listening makes for amazing performances.

We require completion of Level 1: Intro to Improv before undertaking Level 2. If you feel you’ve got equivalent experience from elsewhere and want to hop straight in with Level 2, let us know.

The term will conclude with a long-form performance so you can show off your new skills to friends and family.

Only the Human places a high value on community, diversity and inclusion. We endeavour to create a safe space where people can explore comedy without fear of oppression or discrimination. Women, people of colour, non-binary, disabled and other folk are highly encouraged to take our classes.

The details:

Dates: Classes run every week for 8 weeks, starting on Wednesday the 16th of October.
Times: Classes run for 2 hours, from 7:00 - 9:00pm.
Where: Subiaco Arts Centre Undercroft (South-facing, ground floor room). 180 Hamersley Rd, Subiaco WA (TBC).



Can I try out Level 2 before jumping in?

With our higher level classes, we expect that most people applying will be familiar with improvisation so we do not offer trial spaces as we do with Level 1. However, you’re welcome to come along to our free taster session on October 9th.

Do I need to have done Level 1 with Only the Human to do Level 2?

Whilst Level 1 is the best foundation for Level 2, equivalent experience from elsewhere is sufficient. Generally, we recommend that you’ve had at least 15 hours of instruction in improv training and some performing experience. If you’re unsure of whether or not Level 2 is right for you, drop us an e-mail.

What can I expect to learn in Level 2?

Level 2 is about applying your ability to do two-person scenes to the context of long-form improvisation. The course is split in to three modules, with the first module focused on the idea that we have to look after ourselves before we can look after our scene partner. We will show how making emotional & character choices at the start of a scene can help create compelling, relationship-driven scenes. The second module will focus on how to find and play games within scenes - identifying what is funny about a scene and playing it to the hilt. Finally, the third module will put all of this in to practice on the context of long-form performances with edits that keep the laughs rolling and build coherent, connected scenes.

Level 2 elevates improvisation to the level of performance - you should walk away confidently able to do long-form, group based comedy that will have your friends and family in stitches. By the time you finish Level 2, you should also be comfortable attending jams and drop-in shows - and you might even be ready to start your own ensemble and book gigs.

Do I need to come to every class?

Life happens and we understand making all eight classes can be difficult. To be able to achieve the course’s key outcomes we recommend that you aim to make at least six out of eight classes.

Do you offer any payment plans?

If you’d like to register but cannot afford the up front cost, we can register you with a 50% deposit ($110) to be paid by the first class, with the remaining balance due by week 5. If you’d like this option please contact us directly.