To ensure we exercise professionalism and best practice in all we do, we have developed our code of conduct, which we all abide by in order to focus on doing what we do best learning, performing and having fun.


1. Personal and Professional Conduct


-       We have a strict no drug or alcohol policy when it comes to Only The Human, if you are deemed to be under the influence in classes or performances you will be escorted of the premises.


-       Aggressive/racist/homophobic/sexist/inflammatory and/or sexual behavior will not be tolerated on stage, in rehearsal or in the class. We strive to create a supportive, tolerant and accepting environment that is free of judgment. 


-       Any student/performer who feels uncomfortable with regards to topics or physical contact in improv scenes should inform the designated conduct officers.


-       The development of trust is key to good improv and group health as such we are always open to the discussion of expressing oneself through art and ask that you have this discussion with your teacher/or coach prior to bringing a negative or inflammatory energy into the space.


o   To Ensure This:

§  You will not give unsolicited feedback to other students or performers; unsolicited criticism is not required or welcome.

§  You will not place your scene partner in a compromising physical and/or emotional position with Sexual harassment being against the law plain and simple.

§  You will not communicate inappropriately or bully others through the social media channels moderated by Only The Human.


-       Any issues or concerns you may have can be reported to one of the Conduct Officers and can be done so anonymously and will be treated with respect and complete confidentiality.

o   There will always be two conduct officers appointed one male and one female.

o   For 2017 These Officers are Alexander Circosta and Jaleesa Pabial


-       Any information collected by Only The Human will not be shared with third parties without your express consent.