Finding A New Home

Finding A New Home

Running a community theatre company has its share of challenges. Beyond the myriad interpersonal challenges, it’s easy to forget the simpler issues of finding time and space. Improv requires very little, but it does need several people in the same room at regular times.

We were fortunate in the second half of 2018 to partner with Colosoul, a youth media and arts non-profit. Venue hire was provided for free in return for doing charity shows. Such an arrangement worked well, however, Colosoul unfortunately had to close its doors late last year. That’s forced us back in to commercial venues at commercial rates, which isn’t sustainable for us in the long-term.

Good venue partnerships are foundational to us as a social enterprise. Following teacher salaries, venue hire is by far our biggest expense.

A regular venue is also essential to a sense of place and community. It’s no surprise that the long-term goal for most improvisation companies is to open a theatre.

We know there are many disused or underutilised spaces in Perth. We’ve performed and rehearsed in art galleries, pop-up retail stores, and even a jail. We’re asking if you have any connections or resources that can help us access a low-cost, centrally-located space in which we can teach & rehearse. We’re particularly looking for something for the first half of 2019.

If you’ve got any bright ideas, please drop us a line!

Improvisationally yours,

Aden Date